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Stop Upper Red Lake Transfer



APRIL 8, 2024




The efforts by some members of the Minnesota Legislature to transfer public lands in the eastern portion of the Upper Red Lake area to the control of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, is of great concern to everyone in our community.


Since the proposal has emerged, residents, business owners, property owners and others, including the Upper Red lake Area Association, Waskish Township, Shotley Township, City of Kelliher, Beltrami County Commissioners, Minnesota Senator Steve Green, Congressman Pete Stauber, dozens of organizations and private individuals, and outdoor enthusiasts in general, have come out in opposition to this idea.


They, like us, believe taking lands and waters from the public, or restricting public access, for the benefit of a single interested party, is bad policy, bad precedent, and a violation of numerous rights.


We have organized our efforts to oppose this kind of legislation by calling and writing to our elected representatives, visiting the Capitol to have our concerns heard, and hosting public meetings to brainstorm ideas that could stop this divisive and destructive land grab. The Beltrami County Board of Commissioners opposes this legislation, as written, and has deep concerns over the economic impacts that would result.  They are closely monitoring the progress of the current bill.


Those proposing this land transfer legislation have provided no Due Process, made no effort to open a dialogue around this issue, and offered no mechanism for interested parties to participate in a process that could lead to the destruction of our community, and have serious implications for our county and our state.


The proponents’ failure here requires us to provide forums where our opposition can be heard.

Please visit our website ( and share your thoughts on our FaceBook Page where you can ask serious questions and expect insightful answers.


We urge you to take the time to understand the impacts this legislation will have for the people of our community, through no fault of our own, fighting to keep our public lands and waters for the benefit of all. 




Upper Red Lake Area Association

Box 407

Waskish MN 


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Mission Statement

"We are here to promote and enhance the Upper Red Lake Area, and the economic, commercial, and social interests of its inhabitants."

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