The Upper/Lower Red Lake
Keep It Clean Committee 

The Committee is made up of stakeholders from the grassroots to the state level who share a common concern - the safe removal of human waste from the frozen lake and the surrounding area.

The Keep it Clean message is simple:

 Human waste does not belong on the ice, under the ice or along our shorelines.

Please do your part to protect and preserve this valuable resource

now, and for generations to come.   

shoreline cleanup copy-001.png
You are needed to join our

Spring Shoreline Cleanup

on Upper Red Lake
this Memorial Weekend
How can I help
 "Keep It Clean"?

You will be seeing this on your door in the coming weeks if you live along Upper Red Lake.  When we all pitch in, we can cover a lot of shoreline in a brief amount of time.


Please register by phone or come to the booth in the 
West Wind parking lot on 
Saturday, May 28 from 9:00 to noon

to get your bags

and to let us know your location.

You can clean your area at your own pace over the weekend and take your bags to the Waskish Transfer Station from Friday to Monday. Please use the yellow bags we provide for shoreline waste only.

Do not pick up anything hazardous, but call to alert us.




For those who need assistance, crews will pick up yellow waste bags from the shoreline on Monday, May 30, from noon until 3.


 If you have a truck, ATV or trailer and would like to help with pickup, please give us a call.

If you have already picked up along the lakeshore, please let us know so we can share the good news!



Thank you for joining our efforts.