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The Upper/Lower Red Lake
Keep It Clean Committee 

The Committee is made up of stakeholders from the grassroots to the state level who share a common concern - the safe removal of human waste and garbage from our waterways and the surrounding area.


Human waste and garbage do not belong on the ice,

under the ice, or along our shorelines.

Please do your part to protect and preserve this valuable resource

now, and for generations to come.   

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How can I help
 "Keep It Clean"?

DURING THE WINTER FISHING SEASON, an increase in recreational vehicles and people on the frozen lakes is resulting in an increase in the leftovers of human activity. 


Human waste and garbage do not belong

on the ice,

under the ice

or along our shorelines.  


  • Have a plan before you head out for your day trip or overnight stay.

  • Keeping all belongings and trash off the ice, in hard sided containers with tight fitting lids, or in your shelter or back of your vehicle at all times, makes pickup and disposal less of a chore when you pack up to go. It also eliminates the chance of leftovers being lost or forgotten when you leave.

  • Yellow snow is not OK. The next person to use your site should not have to clean that up.  Bag it with your toilet waste. 

  • Be responsible for your toilet and pet waste. Brightly colored durable bags are good choice. 

  • It is unlawful to discharge waste anywhere but in designated receptacles.                                                     

At Upper Red Lake:

  • Human waste must be bagged, collected separately from household trash or other solid waste, and disposed of in designated receptacles at assigned locations on shore.


  • ​A licensed hauler will transport this waste to an approved site for burial or incineration. 


  • ​Do not contaminate public or private trash bins with fish guts or human waste. 

  • Do not put household trash in clearly marked human waste receptacles. 

  • If you have access to a winter dump station, please use it with caution.



Your cooperation is expected and greatly appreciated in order to keep our area vibrant and our lakes clean.

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