MAY 15, 2018

The May 15th meeting of the URLAA was called to order by Chairperson Patsy Petrowske at 7:09 p.m.
Gambling Manager Rick Thayer presented the gambling report and bills. Motion to accept the report and pay the bills as presented was made by Joe Corcoran and seconded by Karen Thayer. Unanimous
Grants: Kelliher School FCCLA-Instructor Clare Kupcho and students presented their grant to help with expenses to attend National competition in June. Motion to grant $3000.00 to this project was made by Todd Mortenson and seconded by Bobbie Oen. Unanimous.

11th Annual Big Bog Adventure Days grant was presented by Dawn Jensen: Dawn was requesting $600.00 to pay for lunches for the presenters and volunteers on May 22nd and May 23rd. Motion to grant as requested was made by Joe Corcoran and seconded by Todd Mortenson. Unanimous.

Northome Trap Team Coach Kim Lindner spoke to this grant request, explaining her team needs and how the dollars would be spent. Kelliher School Trap Team Coach Steve Geerdes was also present requesting dollars for his team. Following discussion on both requests, a decision was made to grant both teams $1000.00. Motion was made by Bobbie Oen and seconded by Tim Waldo and Todd Mortenson. This was totally unanimous.

Waskish Township Ditch cleaning lunches-Patsy Petrowske spoke to this grant and request that the lunches for the students be paid that were doing the ditch cleaning on the 15th. Total cost was 268.30. Motion to grant said request was made by Tim Waldo and seconded by Joe Corcoran. Unanimous.

Minutes of the April meeting were accepted as presented with one minor correction: Rick Thayer attended training classes on May 9th and 10th, not the 8th and 9th as stated. Motion to accept with correction was made by Joe Corcoran and seconded by Bobbie Oen. Unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report- Total amount in checking and savings is $19,816.67. Motion to accept the report as presented was made by Kevin Waldo and seconded by Tim Waldo. Unanimous.

No new members. Kim Lindner joined during the meeting. Welcome to Kim.

Old Business: Postage for nonprofit will be discussed at the next meeting due to absence of presenter.

New Business: On May 5th, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the URLAA was held at West Winds to go over the Corrective Action Plan as ordered by the Compliance Review Board in St. Paul. We have set up and are implementing a Corrective Plan as follows: 
$1000.00 fine was paid out of the URLAA General fund
An Oversite Committee of 3 members has been established.
Auditing all games is Brian Dwight with a payment of $200.00 a month.
Tessa Koisti will do the monthly inventory on tip boards.
Karen Thayer will do the balancing of the checkbook.
Bill Thayer will do the reconciling of the checkbook.
Sarah Waldo and Robyn Dwight will do spot checks of games throughout the year.
Patsy Petrowske, Rick Thayer, and Bobbie Oen will meet with the accountant to go over things to look for in the monthly reports.

Chairperson Petrowske has also notified Gary Danger, head of Compliance Committee in St. Paul, MN, of our corrective action plan as ordered, and that all the above people have agreed to these jobs.  

Gambling Manager Rick Thayer notified membership that he has need of another signature on the Gambling checks and has asked Tessa Koisti to perform this task. He has gotten approval for this from Jessica Whitney, Compliance Specialist for our area, to add Tessa to the Gambling checks. Membership approved.

Next meeting will be held on June 19th, 2018 at West Winds, Waskish. 

Motion to adjourn was made by Joe Corcoran and seconded by Tim Waldo. Unanimous

Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary Betty Mohs.

Please feel free to read through minutes of the Upper Red Lake Area Association most recent meeting and look below at some of the great things that have been done to promote and enhance the Upper Red Lake Area, the economic, commercial, and social interests of its inhabitants.  

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(Monthly minutes are one month behind due to approval of minutes at following monthly meeting.)

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