Upper Red Lake Area Association Meeting Minutes
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January 17, 2017

I.Call to order
Patsy Petrowske called to order the regular meeting of the URLAA at 7:03 pm on January 17, 2017 at West Wind Resort.

II.Gambling Report
Gambling Manager, Lisa Jaeger presented the November and December 2016 gambling reports. Motion to accept November’s gambling report as presented was made by Jon Petrowske and seconded by Betty Mohs. Unanimous Motion to accept December’s gambling report and pay bills was made by Bobbi Oen and seconded by Betty Mohs. Unanimous

a)Robin Mystic, representing Blackduck Elementary School Second-Grade, requested $1000.00 to purchase nonfiction books for the classroom libraries. Lots of questions and concerns were expressed. Motion was made to grant half of the amount requested, $500.00, by Bobbi Oen and seconded by Jo Ann Erickson. Unanimous

b)Diane Mostad requested $600.00 on behalf of the North Beltrami Heritage Center. The funds will be used for a performance of “Hard Travelin’ with Woody”, by Randy Noojin at the Old School Center in Kelliher. Motion was made by Bobbi Oen and seconded by Andrea Westphall. Unanimous

c)Blackduck Robotics Team – Motion was made by Jon Petrowske and seconded by Jo Ann Erickson to decline request due to 2 months with no one showing up to present. Unanimous

IV.Approval of minutes from the last meeting
Motion was made by Betty Mohs to accept the December minutes as presented. Seconded by Jon Petrowske. Unanimous

V.Treasurer’s Report
  Treasurer, Kellie Halvarson, presented the treasurers report. CD’s total $12,383.43. The balance of the checking and savings accounts is $19,063.57. Motion to accept as presented was made by Bobbi Oen and seconded by Betty Mohs. Unanimous

VI.New Members--none

VII.Old Business--none

VIII.New Business
a)Patsy Petrowske received an e-mail from Bruce Anspach, Beltrami County AIS Technician. The county is looking for part time employees to man the main access points on Upper Red Lake this summer to educate boaters about AIS. Jon Petrowske will advertise the job along with contact information in the next newsletter, on URLAA’s website and Facebook.

IX.Next meeting February 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm

  Motion was made by Jo Ann Erickson and seconded by Jon Petrowske to adjourn. Unanimous
  Minutes respectfully submitted by: Secretary Ann Westphall.

Please feel free to read through minutes of the Upper Red Lake Area Association most recent meeting and look below at some of the great things that have been done to promote and enhance the Upper Red Lake Area, the economic, commercial, and social interests of its inhabitants.  

Please check the EVENTS page to see the next months meeting agenda as it becomes available, new and old business to be discussed in the Upper Red Lake Area . 

​Meetings are on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 PM

(Monthly minutes are two months behind due to approval of minutes at following monthly meeting.)

Upper Red Lake Area Association 
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President- Patsy Petrowske
Vice President- Todd Mortenson
Gambling Manager- Lisa Jaeger
Secretary- Ann Westphall
Treasurer-  Kellie Halverson

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