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LICENSE #02724

Organization or group requesting funding:

What type of project will the funds be used for:  

Describe in detail the overall benefits this will provide to our communities:

Outline specifically what portion of the project these funds will be used for; (include receipts and/or estimates):

What other organizations has your group contacted for funding?  List names of other organizations and dollar amounts requested and/or granted.

Is applicant prepared to commit their own funds to the project?  If so, how much?

Amount requested from Upper Red Lake Area Association?

Date funds are being requested for?

Date of project start and completion:

Contact information including complete adress and phone number:

email address:

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Conditions of Grant requests:
1.Applications must be printed off the URLAA website and filled out or submitted via the online form.
 2.Applications that are sent in blank and say "See Attached" will not be accepted.

3. Grants from schools must have a lg555 form signed by the Superintendent.

4. Representitives must be present to speak to the grant request.  If no one is present, the grant will be automatically denied.

5.Grants received less than 7 days before the meeting (3rd Tuesday of each month) will be automatically tabled until the next meeting a month later.

6. Present a copy of your IRS Tax Exempt Non-Profit 501C3 number if applicable at the meeting

7.  Each grant requests must submit a LG555 during the grant presentation at the meeting. To obtain a form LG555 go to http://mn.gov/gcb/assets/lg555-gov-approval-for-use-of-gambling-funds.pdf. 
I accept the terms and conditons of this grant request.