Simply put the Upper Red Lake Area offers world class fishing! The healthy Walleye population within both Upper Red Lake and the Tamarac River are a sure fire way to enjoy a day on the water ending with a plate full of the most palatable fish in Minnesota. The Upper Red Lake Walleye has made an unbelievable comeback from the dark days of the Walleye crash due to the efforts of many organizations including the Upper Red Lake Area Association. 

Not only does the Upper Red Lake Area offer some of the best Walleye fishing across the state Upper Red Lake still holds some trophy class crappies that are truly monstrous  by any standard. The only rival to the shear size of the Upper Red Lake crappie is famed Upper Red Lake pike. Pike that compare to trophy pike from remote Canadian waters! 

On any given day Upper Red lake could produce a limit of beautiful golden colored walleyes, fifteen inch crappies and maybe even a forty inch or bigger pike!   

Upper Red Lake
A World Class Fishery
The Upper Red Lake Area Association wants your help in protecting Upper Red Lake from aquatic hitchhikers. We ask that you please take the following steps to prevent aquatic hitchhikers 

  • INSPECT your boat, trailer, and equipment and REMOVE visible aquatic plants, animals, and mud before leaving the water access.
  • DRAIN water from your boat, motor, bilge, live wells, and bait containers before leaving the water access.
  • SPRAY, RINSE, or DRY boats and recreational equipment to remove or kill species that were not visible when leaving a waterbody. Before transporting to another water.
  • DISPOSE of unwanted bait and other animals or aquatic plants in the trash. Whether you have obtained bait at a store or from another body of water, do not release unused bait into the waters you are fishing. If you do not plan to use the bait in the future, dump the bait in a trashcan or on the land, far enough away from the water that it cannot impact this resource. Also, be aware of any bait regulations, because in some waters, it is illegal to use live bait. The Upper Red Lake Association also recommends purchasing bait from Upper Red Lake Area bait stores to help prevent the spread of aquatic hitchhikers. 
  • REPORT any activity or actions that may be suspicious of the spread of aquatic hitchhikers or invasive species.

Below are links about  the Beltrami County AIS assessment that is leading the fight against invasive species in the Upper Red Lake Area

Complete Beltrami Count AIS Assessment Report

AIS: Clean it up: Still too many contaminated boats coming into Beltrami County waters, officials say

TIP: Turn In Poachers 
TIP: Turn In Poachers